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The history of Høyres Hus

Høyres Hus is a 7-story office building located in the heart of Oslo. The building was designed by the architect Magnus Poulsson and opened its doors for the first time in 1935.

Today, you will find restaurant Tivander on the second floor while the third, fourth and fifth floor houses the political party Høyre as well as Oslo Høyre.

The building is also home to a variety of conference, meeting and banquet facilities located on the sixth and seventh floor. Three of the conference rooms are named after well-known profiles from the political party Høyre; Albert Nordengen, Emil Stang, and Rolf Stranger.

Before the Second World War, Restaurant Ritz was located here and after that Restaurant Frascati.

Høyres Hus was occupied during the Second World War where it was home to Hirden.

In 1965, another Høyres Hus was built on Kalbakken in Groruddalen, Oslo. It was an office building for Høyre’s local politicians. Eventually, the party's use of the building ceased, and in 2005 it was sold.

The grand opening in 1935

Høyres Hus officially opened on October 21, 1935. Aftenposten mentioned the event in the newspaper on the following day.

"The opening of Høires Hus was a day that will be remembered by the many people who attended the celebration. Everything was a success from start to finish, and there was an atmosphere of trust and faith in Høire, perhaps stronger than ever before. The party now has its own castle in the heart of the city. Høires Hus will be the gathering point for future work in the party. The celebration began at 8 o’clock and attracted over 400 participants. It was very successful. The joy of finally possessing their own house was great and immediate, and the atmosphere rose to great heights.”

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