Personvernerklæring og informasjonskapsler (cookies)

These guidelines describe how Høyres Hus AS process your personal information when using our website.

Your rights are important to us, so we have taken steps to ensure that all personal data are processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have questions about our privacy policy and/or our data processing, please contact us at

Cookies uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored by your browser. This information can be used, for example, to see how long you stay on our pages.

Cookies enables us to understand the behavior of our users, and improve our site based on this information.

All data tracked via cookies on our site is anonymous and/or encrypted.

All browsers allow you to limit or disable cookies via the browser settings. They also let you look over all cookies stored on your computer and/or delete individual cookies or to remove all.

Your approval of cookies

You can specify whether you want to accept cookies or not. By having the computer set up to accept cookies, this is perceived as your approval for the use of cookies on our site. If you do not want to approve cookies, this feature should be turned off. This may result in us not being able to provide all of our services to you.

You can delete cookies from your computer or change settings so your browser gives you a warning every time the site tries to save a cookie on your computer. All instructions for this can be found under "Help" in your browser.

We use the following cookies



Information storage


This is a Google Analytics tracking code that logs information about the visitor's browser and computer.

26 months

Google Tag Manager

Tracks online identifiers, including cookies and IP addresses.

26 months

Google Analytics

Gathers data about where the user came from which search engine was used, which link was clicked and which keywords were used.

26 months

Facebook Pixel

Gathers data on user activity on the page that can be used to customize marketing via Facebook and Instagram. Also used to create Custom Audiences and Mirror Audiences.

Up to 6 months

Google Analytics

Google Analytics anonymously logs traffic on the site. This information can not be traced back to any individual.

IP addresses are anonymized in Google Analytics, so the data in the tool can not be traced back to any one person.

When a customer of Analytics requests IP address anonymization, Analytics anonymizes the address as soon as technically feasible at the earliest possible stage of the collection network. The IP anonymization feature in Analytics sets the last octet of IPv4 user IP addresses and the last 80 bits of IPv6 addresses to zeros in memory shortly after being sent to the Analytics Collection Network. The full IP address is never written to disk in this case.

Learn more about IP anonymization in Google Analytics.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook is the owner of Instagram, Messenger, Instant Articles and Audience Network, and use of Facebook Pixel therefore includes these channels.

Facebook Pixel is a plug-in or software that is used on our site to collects information which is sent to Facebook and matched with data from your Facebook profile. The Facebook pixel enables us to set up tracking that can retrieve detailed personal information.

The Facebook Pixel we use is set up in such a way that personal information is collected and displayed anonymously.

Information gathered may be related to your user behavior (demographic data such as age, gender, interests) or actions you perform as clicks on links. The information is used for analytical purposes, targeted advertising based on your behavior and to identify audiences for advertising that have a profile that is similar to yours and therefore has a potential opportunity for having a similar action patterns.

Information collected via Facebook pixel, saved from 90 days to 2 years. The information is stored on servers at Facebook in the USA.

By using Facebook in connection with advertising, Facebook function as data controller.

What if I do not want cookies?

You are not required to accept cookies from our site.

You can opt out of Google's use of Google Advertising Advertising Ads.

You can opt out of third party advertising through cookies from a wide range of ads by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative's Opt-Out page.

Contact form

We collect personal information via the contact form at We use this information to answer visitor requests from visitors.

This information is stored in our internal systems and is not shared with others. We do not use the information for other purposes unless you have consented to this.

Høyres Hus AS and Synlighet AS are data processors of information submitted via the contact forms at

You can always request insight into your personal data and / or get it deleted from our systems by contacting us at


Høyres Hus AS send out newsletters 1-2 times per month via e-mail. In order for us to send e-mails to you, you must register an e-mail address on your own initiative.

MailChimp and Synlighet AS are the data processor for information used to send out newsletters. The e-mail address is stored in a separate database, it is not shared with others and it is deleted when you unsubscribe. The e-mail address will also be deleted if we receive feedback that it is not active.

Read more about how MailChimp stores information.

TV surveillance

TV surveillance is conducted at our building.

Records are saved and deleted after one week in accordance with the legal requirements.

Your right to access, correct and delete personal data

You are entitled to access your personal information at any time.

If you find that we are processing it incorrectly, you have the right to have your personal information corrected. Similarly, you have the right to complete incomplete personal information.

You also have the right to have your personal information deleted. However, be aware that deletion of personal information will cause us to no longer be able to provide some of our service to you.

Furthermore, you have the right to receive your personal information in a structured and readable format.

If you wish to exercise one of the rights above, please contact us at


If you believe that our processing of your personal information is illegal, you may appeal to Datatilsynet.

The contact information for Datatilsynet is available at

Send us a request

Or call us on +47 22 82 91 57